Stepping off my island on a cherry blossom boat

Down Cherry Blossom lane, Acrylics on Canvas, 20" x 30", 2015
Down Cherry Blossom lane, Acrylics on Canvas, 20″ x 30″, 2015


Hello.  Come on in.  Welcome to my blog.

I’m Adelyn.  Step into this quiet space and have a breather.  I know what it’s like out there.  Like you, I wear several hats.  I am wife, mom, daughter, artist, craftie, foodie, sewing enthusiast, and much more.  Oh, and not forgetting the full time day job that pays the bills.  Like you, I had a hundred and one things on my to do list and the list was never ending.

Wait a minute, that sentence was written in the past tense.  What do you mean you HAD a hundred and one things to do on your to do list and the list WAS never ending?  Found yourself a house-elf?  Hired an army of helpers?  No, nothing magical or dramatic.  I still have a hundred and one things on my to do list and the list is still never ending.  But my perspective has changed.  How?

Let me answer this in a roundabout way.  See the cherry blossom painting?  I painted it for my children’s piano teacher as a wedding gift back in May this year.  I knew that she was moving out of her family home into her own little place so she would have some empty walls.  So I shyly asked if she would like a painting and she said, “yes”, so we discussed what she and her fiancé would like, set the size and image and off I went and painted my heart out.

This cherry blossom painting is the first one I’ve painted for someone other than myself or my family.  (I did paint one third of a triptych years ago but it doesn’t count as she is a close friend.)  Anyway, you get the picture.  It was my very first experience engaging with a ‘client’ and painting within agreed parameters.  I enjoyed the ‘client’ engagement and how it felt to get to know someone just that little bit better through the process of painting for them.

This cherry blossom painting is also the first painting I’ve done since my middle child was born.  She turned 7 this year.  I had forgotten how fulfilling and amazing putting paint on canvas can feel.  I  had to continue this and that I didn’t ever want to stop.

In order to find time to paint, I knew that my hundred and one things list had to be re-prioritised because I had to make time for it.  I suddenly realised that the list had made me so busy it had isolated me from others and isolated me from myself.

So, I made tiny changes.  I doodled and drew on anything I had on hand during my daily commutes.  I made an effort to draw/craft/paint together with my kids.  I tried to exercise my creativity with intention in as many things as I could.  And through this intentional creative output, I have come to realise that a piece of art or anything handmade is much bigger than the artist or craftsperson.  Art connects people.  People interact with it and through it.  It is a physical and emotional connection.  Yes, I do enjoy the process of making and painting but I am enjoying the interactions with other people that art facilitates and enables.

I continue to wrestle with my list and juggle my roles with difficulty but I hope by sharing my journey with you, you could take tiny steps yourself and we could help each other out.

To the journey ahead,


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