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“The key is to start. Every great journey begins with just one step.” This is what the weekly cultivating creativity exercise does for you.  It gives you an easy, no pressure, place to start.


Last week, I shared with you a weekly cultivating creativity exercise that you could annex to a weekly routine you already had in your busy lives.  I’m checking in to see how you are going with that exercise.

Have you picked an activity yet?  If you haven’t, take a few moments  now and just pick one.  It doesn’t matter if it is the wrong one or the right one because there is no right or wrong.  If the activity is a poor fit after you have gone through the steps and done a few of the weekly creative outputs, you can always switch it to something you think fits better.  The key is to start.  Every great journey begins with just one step.

For those who have chosen an activity but have found it hard to gain inspiration from it, here are some tips:

  • The next time you have a few quiet moments to yourself, review how you felt, what you saw, what you read, things you chatted about with others or even what you smelt.  Something may jump out at you now after the event.
  • Take out your sketchbook or craft and begin to play with making/drawing something, anything, while you replay the memory of the activity.  This helps to overcome fear of the blank page or (the empty hands) and the initial inertia.
  • If you are still having difficulty, get up from where you usually create and settle into another spot.  Sometimes, changing your surroundings shifts your perspective.
  • Go read this post by Jeff Goins on 13 weird ways of getting over mental blocks.  I like Jeff’s straight talking.

For those who are having difficulty cobbling some minutes together, I hear you.  You are carrying this kernel of an idea or picture in your head and getting more and more frustrated that you can’t give it form yet.  Most annoying.  My suggestion is to do a quick 30 seconds sketch or jotting down a couple of words to describe it.  This is far better than carrying it in your head.  This frees up head space to do the things you have to do more efficiently.  Getting it down on paper quickly also means that you are not going to lose the idea to the cacophony of everyday life.  You can come back to it and pull the threads of that idea together.  Oh, and don’t pooh pooh the idea of rough or quick sketching.  Often big ideas come from these small ideas.  You can read why other creatives sketch here.

For those who have done their very first creative output from this cultivating creativity exercise, BRAVO!  Don’t forget the “show others” step.  Remember, we are not striving for perfection but for progress.  Share it and be proud of it.  Remember to tag it with #cultivatingcreativityweekly.  I want to share your joy too!  Here’s one of mine below:

One of my weekly cultivating creativity exercise drawings
“Neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night left its place in front of the people.” Exodus 13:22


Stay with it,


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