Multiplicity in your creative output: a guest post at

I am a borderline INTJ or INFJ. (What is this?)

If you have taken a Myers Briggs test before you would know that I am internally motivated.  That means that external factors don’t really bother me too much because my motivation comes from within.  However, no one is immune to encouragement and praise!  Positive validation is so vital to every single person’s well being.

Today, I received a great shot in the arm when Charlie of featured me on his website.  You can head on over there now and read my post on his website about enjoying multiplicity in your creative output.


Go on, why are you still here?


Resource links:

  • If you would like to take an abridged version of the Myers Briggs test, you can find a free one here.  Please note that the real test takes a lot longer with a lot more questions and needs to be administered by someone trained in Myers Briggs.  If you do have the opportunity to take the real test, you should.  It is eye-opening.
  • You can read more about the different personalities here.

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