3 Creative Ideas to Implement for 2016

This post gives you steps to setting creative ideas for 2016 so that you can stay in touch with your creativity and to connect with others.  It includes a set of FREE worksheets to help you. 

So on Christmas day, the kids were watching past episodes of Phineas and Ferb.  In one of the episodes, the dimwitted, evil genius Doofenschmirtz invented the “Resolution Change-inator that would change everyone’s new year resolution to make Doofenshmirtz their new leader.  The device worked but no one followed him when he called out to the crowd to take over City Hall.  Dumdfounded, he asks why and he gets the following answer, “Everyone knows that no one ever keeps their New Year’s resolution.”

According to Statistic Brain, only 8% actually succeed in achieving their new year resolutions.  Due to this low success rate, I am not entirely too embarrassed to admit to you that I have yet to be successful in my own new year resolutions!

This year, it is going to be different. [Doesn’t that sound, oh, too familiar?] But really, this year, you and I are going to make it different.  We are going to dispense of new year resolutions.

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Creative ideas are the ones that have been swimming in your head for awhile.  You know those that surface to the forefront of your mind during the times you manage to catch you breath.  You know those ideas that you just brush aside because you were in the middle of busting the gremlins in Mt Laundry.  Wouldn’t you love to stop those ideas taking up so much head space?  I have a 6-step process that will not only help you with that but also give three of those ideas enough oxygen to grow.

The 6-step process goes like this:

Step 1

Take a few minutes before you sleep tonight, write as many as you can on a piece of paper.  Yes, tonight.  Do it now.  Start it now.  Take that piece of paper and stick it on your fridge so that for the next few days, whenever one of those rogue creative ideas pop up, you can capture it and put it down on paper.  You need to capture every idea that has been swirling in your head.  Don’t edit anything.  This helps to create a clear mind space.

Step 2

Now, when you have filled that piece of paper, dedicate some time where you will not be interrupted.  Take a fresh piece of paper. Divide the page into three sections.  Write across the top of the sections “habit”, “short”, “long” respectively.

Step 3

Go through your list and spend a moment contemplating the time it would require to implement each idea.  Creative ideas need time to percolate and different ideas require different germinating times. Transcribe the idea into its appropriate section.  The “habit” section would be for things that would require your daily or weekly attention. Reserve this section for habit-forming ideas. *wink wink* My cultivate creativity weekly exercise would be perfect in this section *nudge nudge*.  The “short” section is for ideas that need a month or two before fruition.  This could be anything from a large oil painting, a granny squares crochet blanket or taking a series of art lessons.  The “long” section are for ideas that require long suffering persistence: building an art portfolio, learning a new musical instrument, or improving your watercolor technique.  The ideas in this section may take up to one or two years to produce any output.

Step 4

Now that you have your ideas categorized into three sections, pick one from each category you would like to implement in 2016.  I know it is hard because if you are like me, you have a million things you would like to do.  We are but finite beings with limited ability so pick just one from each category.  This will prevent you burning out.

Step 5

Write the three ideas on a fresh new piece of paper and put it somewhere you can see everyday.  This is your daily reminder to keep you on track.  Put it next to the mirror in your bathroom.  Put it on your fridge. Take a photo of it with your phone and use it as the lock screen. Put it somewhere you can’t avoid seeing daily.

Step 6

The last and most important step: Tell a good friend.  Someone you can trust to make you accountable.  Someone who will encourage you and cheer you on, but on the flipside, is also willing to tell you to pull your socks up and get on with it.   Better still, get a group of friends and make a commitment to meet fortnightly or monthly to just keep each other in check.  Or join an art support group online or within your local community.

Steps 5 & 6 are very important.  DO NOT SKIP THESE TWO STEPS.

Creative ideas for 2016 worksheets
Creative ideas for 2016 worksheets

Tip: You can download the FREE creative ideas 2016 worksheets here or by clicking on the image above.  The worksheets print to an A4 size.  Please set your printer to “fit to page” if you are printing to Letter size.

Accountability is one of the keys to keeping on track with your creative ideas.  So below is me creating accountability between you and I.  Here are my three creative ideas I want to implement for 2016:

  • Habit – I will continue cultivating my creativity through the weekly exercise I started six months ago.  That will bring me to the end of June and my intention is to reset and re-read the Bible in a year and this time instead of line drawings, I will handletter verses that resonate with me.
  • Short – I will post one snail mail each month to someone I would like to encourage.  The snail mail is to be carefully crafted, individually made, and lovingly put together.
  • Long – I will invest in my handlettering technique by taking the following courses or guides: Lindsey Bugbee of The Postman’s Knock’s Learn Calligraphy, Olivia of Random Olive’s Brush Letter Practice Guide, and I’m eagerly waiting for Liss of The Grace Place‘s  brush lettering course when it launches in March 2016.

I will be posting my progress on my social media channels so be sure to follow at least one of them.  I do prefer Instagram so if you are on Instagram, do follow me there.  I give you full permission to ask me how things are going if you see me get a little slack but promise me you’ll do it with kindness.  Do let me know what three creative ideas you will implement in 2016 as I would love to follow your progress and be your accountability buddy.

Now, what do you do with that first piece of paper where you are holding your ideas captive?  Put it in your diary. In the last week.  If it is a physical diary, place it between the pages.  If it is digital, take a photo and attach it to the first day of the last week of 2016.  Keep it and treasure it because you will want to be reviewing this list again at about this time next year.

Happy New Year!




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