Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year!
Happy Lunar New Year!

With each passing year, I have become more and more sentimental about family traditions.  This year, I had began the slow process of spring cleaning weeks ahead of the Lunar New Year with the final push of cleaning and purging in the weekend just passed.  The house looks better (as good as it can be with the clutter that comes with a full household of four adults and three kids) and my head feels clearer.  A plus side of this year’s spring clean is that my creative space on our family’s LONG dinner/activity/work/craft table is slowly taking shape.  I now have proper task lights, shelves for my things within easy reach and a dedicated spot for me to sit at this table of ours.  I am sure you can understand how momentous this achievement is in my very full household.  Dedicated personal space for what can be viewed as non-essential tasks is a premium.

Because I have been doing a myriad of mundane but necessary tasks such as spring cleaning, getting back into the routine of the kids back at school and putting in place business systems, there has been little time for creative output.  However, there are many exciting things to come as there are projects I am currently working on (well, my subconscious is working on as ideas percolate in my mind) which will come to fruition very soon.  Can’t wait to show you.  For now, why don’t you peruse the resource list below to find something Monkey related to do to help usher in the year of the monkey.

Resource list:

  • If you are keen and have mad origami skills, you really need to check out this Origami.me webpage.  It contains 14 origami monkeys to inspire your own creations.
  • If you have ample “ang pow” (red packets) at home, why not try this origami monkey by Fumiaki Shingu?
  • Have you sewed a sock monkey before?  Well, now’s the perfect time to do it.  Free sock monkey pattern  and instructions by Craft Passion.
  • Sally’s Baking Addiction is one of my favourite places to go for baking inspiration.  Fill your home with the sweet smell of cinnamon with her Homemade Monkey Bread recipe.
  • If polymer clay, fondant or sugar paste is your chosen medium, why not try your hand at making a cute monkey? This video gives you instructions on how to make a very cute charm or cake topper monkey.

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