5 things you need to digitize art

I am exploring the world of digitized art and have jumped right in with both feet.  I’m not sure if I am swimming yet but I haven’t drowned! I share a snippet of my journey and the things you need to start digitizing your art.  Come join me.

I’m a day late in posting and I apologise.  I have an excuse though.  I have been crushing over the lovely work of Lisa Glanz.  She has inspired me to diversify my art into the digital world. According to Lisa’s bio on her website, she is an illustrator and surface pattern designer.  She has the most beautiful watercolor illustrations that skip into your imagination and easily come alive! Not only is she a talented artist, she is a generous one too.  Check out Lisa’s freebies page!

Initially, I had completely and utterly rejected the thought of making my art available online for others to manipulate.  There was a sense of selfish ownership of my art where the final product is what I had envisioned and had painted on the paper.  However, the more I considered and enjoyed Lisa’s beautiful art, the more I struggled with the questions of “Why not?” I continued this internal struggle until I couldn’t  put up a strong reason for not digitizing my art.  In fact, it become clear to me that providing art for other people’s creative projects was totally in line with the reason why I paint and create.  Connecting people through art and craft.  By providing the artistic base for other creatives would take my art into higher levels and into places I could never have imagined.  So, decision was made.  Here I am.  Venturing into the world of digitized art.

Digitizing my work
Digitizing my work

So this is what I have learnt so far and the equipment you will need to digitized your art: (I apologize for the geek speak.  I enjoy geeking out on technology)


This is a given.  But don’t frustrate yourself working with a slow machine because you will be working at high resolution, large files and your poor old computer (which was good enough for browsing, emailing and doing basic photo editing) may not be able to cope.

Good flat bed scanner

Scanners come in many varieties but there are essentially two types: CCD (Charged-coupled Device) and CIS (Contact Image Sensor).  You want a CCD scanner as the CCD image sensor is what is found in digital cameras.  It provides for clearer scans of your art work.  AND if you haven’t bought a new scanner in years but have upgraded your computer OS (say to Windows 7 or to El-Capitan on the Mac) don’t forget to make sure that your scanner is at the right “bit”.  I had to ditch my perfectly working scanner because there were no drivers to support the scanner talking with my new operating system.

Photo editing software

The industry standard is Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.  However, if you are just dipping your toes in just for a taste and Photoshop is cost prohibitive, there are other free/cheaper alternatives such as Canva, Pixlr, Picmonkey and GIMP.

Photo editing software know-how

You will have to learn how to use your chosen photo editing software. You will need to be able to scanned images of its paper texture, resize images and save the files into various different file formats for others to use.  I have found that the internet, especially Youtube, to be particularly helpful with free tutorials. However, if you are want something more formal.  There are lessons in Skillshare and other websites like that.  Your local college probably also offers night classes.  I have yet to find a easy way of cleaning up my paper texture.  I’ve tried most methods mentioned on the internet but most result in a loss of sharpness in the image.  So if you are reading this and know of a way, do let me know!

Selling platform

Once you are ready with your digitized art, you want to share it with others so find yourself a selling or sharing platform.  This could be your very own website or an online marketplace like Creative Market and Etsy.


I can’t wait to share my art in a different format and see where other creatives take it to.  I am just about ready to launch my handpainted digitized art in my Styled by Adelyn makes shop on Creative Market and on Etsy.  Watch this space!

Can’t wait,


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