Pause, take stock, move onwards

Sometimes, you just need to throw open the windows and let the cold wintery air in.  I take stock on where I have been, where I am currently and where I wish to move towards.

It feels like that is exactly what I have done here.  If you have been following me on my social channels, you would have noticed that my posting have gone right down.  I have been under the weather for at least a month now.  It was a pretty nasty cough and cold.  It went through my entire household and in fact, the after effects are still being felt by us all.  BUT having had that down time without creative output meant I was able to take a good look at where I was and how far I have come on this artistic journey I have been on.


12 months ago

I had not picked up a paint brush for more than 6 years.  I was spiritually destitute without knowing it.


11 months ago

I started my Instragram feed with this drawing below. You can view my feed here too.  I wanted to be held accountable for showing up every day to work on my art.  Around this time, I also joined a group of ladies from my church to read through the bible in a year.  We are following this book and we are nearly at the end: A Women’s Guide to Reading the Bible in a year by DianeStortz.  She provides the readings on Mondays on her facebook page if you are interested in the readings.

My very first Instagram pic
My very first Instagram pic

8 months ago

I started this website.  In part, the writing was to help me as I came to terms with what it meant to be creative daily. It was to help me acknowledge the artistic me.  I hoped that the writing could help others like me who felt alone, trapped or blindly content with being pushed and pulled by life.  The website, the writing and the technicalities behind the website was a huge learning curve for me. I enjoyed every bit of it.  I loved the challenge of putting the website together myself. I also tried to keep all costs down to a minimum. I did a huge amount of research on service providers, plugins and emailing services.  I intend to put this information into a resource page in the near future.  If you are interested, here are the services I am currently using:

  • I used WordPress as my publishing platform.
  • I went with Siteground as my service provider and bought my domain name through them.   Their customer service is fantastic!
  • I use SendinBlue for my emailing service.


6 months ago

I decided that it was time to really put myself out there by opening the Adelynmakes Etsy shop. This was another huge learning curve.  I had to learn the Etsy SEO, learn product photography, get better at product description and marketing.  I’m glad I found a wonderful supportive community of new Etsy sellers through doing the Etsy Resolution program.  If you are thinking about opening an Etsy shop, do keep your eyes peeled when they run the program again.  I am assuming that they do it at the start of each year.  It was tremendously helpful.


4 months ago

I not only experienced the amazing truth and joy of giving, I also experienced God’s amazing work through my one simple act of obedience.  Read more about it here.


3 months ago

I opened a Creative Market shop selling digitized art.  I hope to increase my digitized output but they take so much time to prepare and digitize.  Read this if you are interested in what you’ll need to start on digitizing your work.


2 months ago

I found out that I was a finalist in the Etsy Design Awards in the New Talent category.  Unfortunately, I didn’t win.  BUT to have been named a finalist is such a great validation for my art.  To see the finalists and winners, go here.

Having reflected on what has been an amazing year’s journey, I take stock of my strengths and weaknesses.

I will be making some changes here at  starting with the new look with a new direction.  There will be less emphasis on the writing and more emphasis on the doing.  Expect more graphics and visuals.  Also, if you aren’t receiving my newsletter, you would have missed that I am in the throes of putting together lessons plans for Periscope.  I will be showing you acrylics, watercolor and handlettering.  I hope to publish a schedule soon. Do let me know if you want me to include anything in particular and I am happy to oblige.

Taking stock,


2 thoughts on “Pause, take stock, move onwards”

    1. Hi Zoya, It’s been good to reflect on the last 12 months. It was even better to know that you have been a friend since very early in the journey. Here’s to us journeying together!

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