About Adelyn makes

Adelyn Siew, artist and founder of Adelyn Makes.
Adelyn Siew, artist and founder of Adelyn Makes.

Hi!  I’m Adelyn Siew.  I am the artist and craft nut behind Adelyn makes.  I am wife to Khoa, and mama to Zachary, Amelia and Elysha.  I am a trained architect, former academic and an architectural history and cultural heritage professional.  I am also a recovering desert island dweller.

Something happened to me in early 2015.  There I was floating along swimmingly, my hands utterly overflowing with a full time job, a household and its finance to manage, two primary school aged kids plus an almost one year old, and a menagerie of animals to look after.  And then, BAM!

I hit a submerged rock.  It could have been a culmination of prolonged broken sleep and possibly a mild case of post-natal depression.  It could have been the creative release I felt when I painted a canvas for a friend.  It must have been divine intervention.  I woke up from my floating stupor.

I realised that life had lulled and numbed me to sleep.  I had let myself sink slowly into the drudgery of mindless busy-ness.  I was too busy to play with my kids in the evenings.  My weekends were packed full of housework and ferrying the kids to their activities to make time for friends.  My nights were filled with dishes to wash, lunches to pack, and no time for Khoa.  I was far too tired at the end of the day to quiet my spirit to chat with God.  I didn’t even have time for myself.  No painting, no crafting, no creative output.

I had isolated myself on my own little desert island.

I’ve jumped off the island now and taking shy, tentative but intentional steps towards building my faith, nurturing my family, reconnecting with friends and making new ones, and cultivating my creativity.

Come, join me.  I’d love your company.  We can step off this island together.  One painting, one handmade present, one small baby step at a time.  You can start by taking your very first step right now by reading this.  It’s the very first post I wrote for this blog.

Your journey companion,